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To become the finest integrated protection packaging company in Indonesia.


We are committed to build a culture of excellence, reflected in our mission:

  • Bring a portfolio of quality package solutions that anticipates and satisfies the clients needs
  • Consistently produce and deliver a quality packaging with reasonable price
  • Continuously improve our people, our processes and our technology
  • Nurture and constantly improve stakeholders value with a long-term perspective
  • Material


    Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) is highly multipurpose closed-cell bead foam.

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    EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is an excellent material for packaging.

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    Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material, protruding air-filled hemispheres for fragile items.

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    Paper Pulp Molded

    Paper pulp is the most environmentally friendly packaging, made from recycled paper.

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    Expanded Polypropyle (EPP) is highly multipurpose closed-cell bead foam that provides a unique range of properties, including outstanding energy absorption, various impact resistance, thermal protection, flexibility, water and chemical resistance, exceptionally high strength to weight ratio and recycle ability. Because of its distinctiveness, as energy absorbing elements, EPP has been used to solve difficult design, application and manufacturing problems in automotive industry. Currently. EPP has been used for door panels, bumpers, isolating inside trim of car interiors, headrests, toolboxes and accessories.

    EPP is available in grades necessary for a wide range of applications, based on the technical requirements. Low-density grades are used for packaging applications, and medium densities find applications in furniture and other consumer products.

    Benefits of EPP

  • Energy Absorption
  • Structural Strength
  • Light Weight
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Acoustical
  • Chemically Inert
  • Recycleable

  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is an excellent material for packaging since its beneficial product protection properties combined with its low weight make it a good choice for a numerous of use of packaging. It is also widely used in the building and construction industry, mainly as thermal insulation. EPS qualities can be used also in crash helmets, decoration, windsurfing board and many more.

    Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) to provide cushioning for fragile items. The protection bubbles are generally available in different sizes, depending on the size of the object being packed, as well as the level of cushioning protection that is needed. Multiple layers might be needed to provide shock and vibration isolation. A single layer might be used as a surface protective layer.

    Paper pulp is the most environmentally friendly packaging, made from recycled paper. Compared to other packaging, paper mold is more cost efficient, with general ratio 7 : 1. In addition, it has unique benefits like antistatic, soft surface (reducing scratches) and can be fold to saves storage volume.


    List Of Automotive Parts :

  • Bumper Inserts
  • Seat Impact Inserts
  • Tool Kit Holder
  • Seat Base
  • Floor Leveler

  • An automotive packaging is a collection of cosmetic or functional additions to a vehicle that are marketed and sold as a group. Such packages often represent a substantial portion of the profit on a vehicle. Over time, many of the features in a package may be incorporated into the base vehicle as costs are driven down through manufacturing experience, design refinement, materials substitution, and economies of scale.

  • Dashboard Packaging
  • Accu Cap Packaging
  • Spark Plug Packaging

  • Perhaps best known for the commercial term Unicel or white cork, the packaging of Expanded Polystyrene - EPS are familiar to us all. They are used for the protection of all types of products during distribution and transport. Its unparalleled performance in terms of damping, thermal insulation and protection has turned Expanded Polystyrene - EPS into a common use material. The most familiar and well-known applications are packaging of electronic.

    The adaptability of Expanded Polystyrene - EPS containers and packaging must be coupled with excellent impact damping behaviour. For this reason, a TV, computer, fridge or any other electronic or computer product of any size have in the Expanded Polystyrene - EPS its best ally to avoid damage during transport. In addition, the Expanded Polystyrene - EPS is perfectly integrated into the automation of the production chain and allows the possibility to stack the goods without problems, both in the warehouse and at the point of sale.

    Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is an innovative building material that lends to the design and structural integrity of many building projects. Since the 1950s, EPS has been recognized as a mainstream insulation material, however over the past decade, new applications have rapidly developed. Now, EPS is a powerful design element and an ideal choice for green building design, offering tangible environmental advantages that can maximize energy efficiency, providing improved indoor environmental quality and enhancing durability.

    List of construction and architectural

  • Crown Moulding
  • Columns
  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System)
  • Sound Proofing
  • Floor Leveling
  • Tilt Up Walls

  • A 6500m2 building that was designed specifically for our mold making facility, equipped with state-of-the-art software and machineries such as vacuum casting, CNC router double column, CNC milling, manual milling, manual lathe, and radial drill.

    Food Container

    A foam food container is a form of disposable food packaging for various foods and beverages, such as processed instant noodles, raw meat from supermarkets, ice cream from ice cream parlors, cooked food from delicatessens or food stalls, or beverages like "coffee to go". They are also commonly used to serve takeout food from restaurants, and are also available by request for diners who wish to take home the remainder of their meal. The foam is a good thermal insulator, making the container easy to carry as well as keeping the food at the temperature it had when filled into the container, whether hot or cold.

    Block & Sheet

    Expanded Polystyrene Sheets/Blocks - EPS are a closed-cell, lightweight rigid cellular plastic material produced in a range of densities between 12 kg/m3 and 35 kg/m3. Polystyrene is widely used across a number of building applications, ideal for the building and construction industries. Styroboard EPS is a versatile and well-proven construction material. Lightweight, strong, clean, and easy to handle, expanded polystyrene (EPS) provides insulation from temperature and noise and can be used as a base for rendered panels. Expanded Polystyrene Sheets/Blocks - EPS are very adaptable to use when insulating ceilings, walls and floors.


    Our Capability

    Our capability is distinguished by quality, reliability, easy maintenance at a reasonable price. Our plants have various sizes of first-class machinery, such as Kurtz, Erlenbach and Daisen. Combined with more than 500 skilled workers and 2 factories, it forms undisputed competitive advantage to fulfillin our clients needs optimally. We are known for our consistency in delivering reliable quality with reasonable price.

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