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About Us

PT. Dinar Makmur


PT Dinar Unggul was established

PT Dinar Makmur (DM) was established as the first and the largest EPS and EPP molder in Indonesia


Dinar Makmur Cikarang was established


DM relocate its plant from Bogor to Karawang

DM started its EPP production


Establishment of DM's mold factory
Establishment of SMU's filling factory

A Letter from Us

Dear Clients,

We start with your product requirements, such as structural design, quality assurance, logistics, and regulatory.
Then, we work together to resolve with your production time frame and cost constraints.
Therefore, you will need a reliable partner to depend on.
A partner who could grow together, with care and understanding.

Sincerely yours, DINAR MAKMUR



We have been certified according to ISO 9001 since 2010. This standard not only serves as the basis for our quality management system, it is also subject to a continuous improvement process of our entire processes. ISO 9001 considers all process factors from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished products.


For many years, we have built up our internal quality management system according to the Kanban process control principle and ISO 9001 guidelines. In a continuously changing improvement process, we strive for efficiency from delivery, through warehousing, external and internal logistics, to production and delivery of high-quality products to you. Our real quality concept is confirmed again and again in regular audits in the form of certificates.


The quality concept for the best products is the zero-defect rate. We can only comply with this quota if the quality concept is already consistently implemented by all our employees in the planning and preparation of the parts. Over the years, we have developed a continuous improvement process that also takes ecological aspects into account as quality requirements. In this way it is already guaranteed when accepting the supplier products that you can rely in the end result on a complete quality management on an international level.


To become the finest integrated protection packaging specialist company in Indonesia


We are committed to build a culture of excellence by:

  • Bringing a portfolio of quality packaging solutions that anticipates and satisfies the client’s needs
  • Consistently produce and deliver a quality packaging with reasonable price
  • Continuously improve our people, our processes and our technology
  • Nurturing and constantly improving stakeholders’ value with a long-term perspective

Our Customers