PT Dinar Makmur

EPS Modified Construction Materials

Dinar Slab

Dinar Slab Concrete is a reinforced concrete floor panel that has an EPS layer which functions as both formwork and insulation. The EPS layer as formwork helps reduce time and costs, and it is lighter in weight yet structurally strong compared to conventional systems.

Dinar Wall

  1. Dinar Wall Concrete is one of Dinar Wall’s products, which is a wall panel consisting of an EPS layer as the filling material with a wavy shape.
  2. Dinar Wall Sandwich GRC is one of Dinar Wall’s products, which is a precast concrete wall panel mixed with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) beads as the inner layer and fiber cement boards as the outer layer.
  3. Dinar Wall Sandwich Panel is one of Dinar Wall’s products, which is a wall panel consisting of an EPS layer as the filling material that can be installed onto supporting structures using invisible connectors from the façade side.
  4. Dinar Wall Sandwich PIR Panel is an advancement of DW Sandwich Panel, characterized by its high-density core, which results in high thermal conductivity.

Dinar Architecture

Dinar Architecture Custom Facade is an architectural facade element made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), coated with fiber mesh and mortar as a coating layer. It serves as a lightweight alternative to conventional concrete architectural facades that are much heavier. It can be used for architectural facade elements in industrial buildings, hotels, apartments, malls, offices, hospitals, etc. 

Dinar Floating

  1. Dinar Floating Concrete is a floating modular system made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) with concrete structural components on top, such as beams, column pedestals, and slabs. 
  2. Dinar Floating Non Concrete is a floating modular/pontoon system that utilizes EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) as its buoyant construction material.
  3. Dinar Floating Photovoltaic is used as a floating platform for solar panels and inverters.

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