PT Dinar Makmur

Dinar Architecture

Dinar Architecture

Dinar Architecture Custom Facade is an architectural facade element made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), coated with fiber mesh and mortar as a coating layer. It serves as a lightweight alternative to conventional concrete architectural facades that are much heavier. It can be used for architectural facade elements in industrial buildings, hotels, apartments, malls, offices, hospitals, etc. However, it is important to note that DA Custom Facade is not a load-bearing structural element but is intended for non-structural elements that are far from physical contact.

Advantages Dinar Architecture Custom Facade:

  1. Extremely lightweight, yet visually resembles solid concrete
  2. Improves safety during earthquakes and fires (fire retardant)
  3. Customizable and can be tailored to specific orders
  4. Easy field installation
  5. Provides excellent thermal insulation
  6. Affordable price and long-lasting durability

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