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Geo Solution


Geofoam is an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) block that has been used as a geotechnical material since 1960. The weight of geofoam is approximately 1% of the weight of the soil and 10% of the weight of other lightweight alternative fill materials. As an extremely lightweight soil filler, geofoam can reduce the load on the soil or structures beneath it. 



Geocell is a lightweight and flexible three-dimensional panel made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material, which is interconnected through ultrasonic welding. Geocell is designed to be filled with fill materials, and it restrains the materials, limiting lateral soil movement to form a semi-rigid structural layer that can bear loads and stabilize the soil.


Geotextile is a porous synthetic sheet that has high permeability and flexibility, typically used for soil stabilization in civil engineering projects. Geotextile can be classified into two types: woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile. The difference lies in the composition of the materials. Woven geotextile is made of polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET), while non-woven geotextile is composed of randomly arranged fibers that are mechanically, thermally, or chemically bonded together through processes such as needle punching, bonding, and interlocking. Geotextile is a porous synthetic sheet that has high permeability and flexibility, typically used for soil stabilization in civil engineering projects.


Geogrids are specially engineered geosynthetic products that come in the form of open grid or mesh structures, resembling frames. Their primary function is to provide reinforcement and strengthen soil structures. Geogrids possess an exceptionally high tensile strength, making them ideal for applications such as slope stabilization and earth embankment reinforcement. In Indonesia, geogrids are typically made from various materials like PET, polypropylene, and fiberglass. They are available in different types, including biaxial, uniaxial, and multiaxial configurations.


Geomembrane is a type of geosynthetic material made from high-grade HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) resin, which provides flexibility and strong tensile strength. Geomembrane has a very low permeability rate (leakage rate), making it highly impermeable to water and even resistant to acidic fluids. HDPE geomembrane serves as a long-term solution for environmental protection against liquid or gas pollutants.


Geomat is a geosynthetic material used for land conservation to prevent erosion on slopes, improve aesthetics, and enhance the environment. It is particularly effective on steep slopes with high erosion risk. Geomat helps vegetation withstand erosion during heavy rainfall.

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